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Release 9.4

Released on September 7th, 2022 Golive Marketplace Listing | Version History


  • Hide empty swimlanes: new option to automatically hide timeline swimlanes when they do not contain any event

  • The calendar settings are greyed out for users who do not have admin permission level

Fixed Bugs

  • Unwanted blue frame in date pickers

  • Name and dropdown of the swimlane settings are displayed on top of other dialogs

  • Edit Calendar panel is not properly positioned on Shared Calendars page

Hide Empty Swimlanes

You can now automatically hide swimlanes which do not have any events in the selected date range. This option really helps to find and keep focus on existing events when browsing the timeline.

This option can be activated in the settings of your swimlanes:

Tick the checkbox to activate the option:

This feature is fully functional. It is in Beta version because its behavior may be changed/improved in next releases.

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