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Version 9.23 released on April 9, 2024 | Time Squad Marketplace Listing | Version History

New features

Timeline Browser Revamp

We've revamped the Timeline Browser for clarity. Now, you’ll find the following elements:

  • Create Timeline: Create a new Timeline from a template.

  • Pinned Timelines: List of globally pinned Timeines (when you are on the Time Squad Global Page) or project pinned Timelines (when you are on a Time Squad Project Page).

  • Favorite Timelines: List of your favorite Timelines, sortable with drag-and-drop functionality.

  • More Timelines: Timeline search engine, always available.

  • Manage Timelines: Open a screen for managing your Timelines.

Additionally, the SHARED label now appears only when the shared Timeline is opened.



  • We've removed the Home Screen page to enhance user navigation. All functionalities previously available on the Home Screen are accessible within the Timeline Browser. A spotlight will guide you through the View Browser's capabilities.

  • We've simplified the Manage Timelines page to feature just 5 tabs: Pinned Global or Project Timelines, Favorite, Recent, All Timelines, and My Timelines. The Shared tab was removed, as its information is already accessible within the All Timelines tab by sorting the Shared column.

Bugs fixed

  • We've resolved the issue of saving a shared Timeline with a duplicate title by implementing a warning when attempting to do so.

We appreciate your feedback, and these updates are designed to enhance your workflow. Thank you for your continued support.

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