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Setting Date Range Options

You can change the default Date Range settings from here:

Fixed vs Relative Date Range

By default, the visible time range of a Timeline is defined by a fixed start date and a fixed end date:

Sometimes, you may want the visible time range to be automatically adjusted relatively to current date/time. For example, you may need a Timeline that will have a default visible range starting 1 month in the past and ending 3 months in the future.

In order to do that, you must activate the Relative Date Range toggle (of the Date Range section) and define how Golive should adjust the start/end dates:

You specify the timeframe position by defining which period of time must be displayed before and after current time. For example, to display a timeframe including the last 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks, you can configure a start at '-2w' and an end to '2w'.

All available Jira duration expressions can be used:

  • y : years

  • M : months

  • d : days

  • h : hours

You can also display a timeframe completely in the past or in the future, for example the 2 next weeks after the current week would start at '1w' and end at '3w'.

Combined with the Timeline Gadget, you can use these relative time ranges to setup auto refreshed Jira dashboards: your dashboards will automatically adjust their data range and display always up-to-date events!

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