Permissions Page

The Permissions page is your your entry point to manage all permissions. 
This page is accessible from the Settings menu:

You must be Jira or Apwide administrator in order to access the Permissions Page and manage permissions.

Role Based Permissions

The security model is based on Roles. A Role is defined by a set of Jira Users or Groups that are allowed to do certain operations based on a list of Permissions.

When creating a Role you must specify :

  • the list of Permissions that are required by this role

  • the list of Jira users and/or groups who play this role

For example, you can create a new “Deployer” role with the “deploy” permission and associate it to all Jira users who should endorse the role of "Deployer".


  • Click on Edit to add / remove permissions or user / groups to an existing Role

  • Click on Add Role button to create a new role

The following permissions are global. If a Jira user has one of the following permissions, he will be allowed to perform the allowed operations everywhere in Time Squad:

  • Create Calendars: allows users create new calendars

  • Manage Calendars: allows users to create/update/delete environment calendars

  • Share Calendars: allows users to create shared calendars.
    IMPORTANT: a user must have the permission to update a calendar in order to change its sharing options

  • Plan Events: allows users to schedule Events on the Timeline (this permission includes the “Plan Events” Environment Permission for all Environments)

  • Share Timelines: allows users to share their own timelines with other users

  • Apwide Administrator: allows non Jira Administrators to access all Golive administration features:

    • Jira Project Mapping (note that project associations can also be done by projects' administrators)

    • Security & Permissions

Jira Administrators have the same permissions as Apwide Administrators by default, you do not have to grant them Apwide Administrator permission.