Permissions Page

The Permissions page is your your entry point to manage all permissions. 
This page is accessible from the Settings menu:

You must be Jira or Apwide administrator in order to access the Permissions Page and manage permissions.

Cannot view or create any environment?

By default, all permissions are granted to standard Jira groups (jira-administrators, jira-users, jira-software-users, jira-core-users and jira-servicedesk-users). If your user does not belongs to one of these defaults groups, you have to change the default setup in order to be able to view and to create environments.

For example if your user belongs to the group "my-company-group", you have to add this group to the roles that are created by default during app installation.

If your user does not belongs to at least 1 of the default roles your will not be able to view/create any environment.

Role Based Permissions

The security model is based on Roles. A Role is defined by a set of Jira Users or Groups that are allowed to do certain operations based on a list of Permissions.

When creating a Role you must specify :

  • the list of Permissions that are required by this role

  • the list of Jira users and/or groups who play this role

For example, you can create a new “Deployer” role with the “deploy” permission and associate it to all Jira users who should endorse the role of "Deployer".


  • Click on Edit to add / remove permissions or user / groups to an existing Role

  • Click on Add Role button to create a new role

The following permissions are global. If a Jira user has one of the following permissions, he will be allowed to perform the allowed operations everywhere in Time Squad:

  • Create Calendars: allows users create new calendars

  • Manage Calendars: allows users to create/update/delete environment calendars

  • Create Shared Calendar: allows users to create shared calendars

  • Plan Events: allows users to schedule Events on the Timeline (this permission includes the “Plan Events” Environment Permission for all Environments)

  • Share Timelines: allows users to share their own timelines with other users

  • Apwide Administrator: allows non Jira Administrators to access all Golive administration features:

    • Jira Project Mapping (note that project associations can also be done by projects' administrators)

    • Security & Permissions

Jira Administrators have the same permissions as Apwide Administrators by default, you do not have to grant them Apwide Administrator permission.