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Creating a Timeline

How to create a Timeline:

STEP 1 Open the Timeline Creation Wizard

Open a Timelines Pages and click on ”Design a Timeline” menu item in the View Browser, in order to create a new timeline:

STEP 2 Select a Timeline Template

Select "Timeline" category:

Select the template you want to start from to create your new timeline

Project Timeline Template

STEP 2.1 Follow instructions of the wizard:

STEP 2.2 Click on "Create" and a Timeline with pre-defined Issue Calendars will be automatically created:

Blank Timeline Template

STEP 2.1 Select "Blank Timeline" template

STEP 2.2 Click on "Add Calendar" to start adding events to your new timeline:

STEP 2.3 Add calendars:

STEP 2.3 Save your timeline

You need at least the permission to view a Calendar in order to add it to a Timeline.

You need at least “Create Calendars” global permission in order to create new Calendars. For more information: Security & Permissions

Setup of a new Calendar is specific to its Calendar Type.

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